• Dramatic dark-leaved Dahlias provide festive summer color.
  • Agastache and Coneflower perennials glow in the afternoon sun.
  • Hydrangea are hard to beat for non-stop high-summer color.
  • A colorful summer sampling of a homegrown harvest
  • Bring the tropics indoors with houseplants like Anthurium.
  • Start sunflowers from seed for boisterous summer color.
  • Combine color and texture in your next container garden.


Whether you’re looking for tried and true favorites or rare and unusual plants, you’ll find an exuberant selection of quality plants for every season of the year at Swansons. Our personable and knowledgable staff is here to answer your questions, recommend plants for your situation, and help you succeed. Just ask!

Swansons Recommends

These featured plants are great picks from our experienced buyers.

Burgundy Bunny Fountain Grass
Burgundy Bunny Fountain Grass

The only variety to show red color in summer followed by all-over blazing red color in the fall until frost. This grass is petite, short of stature, with narrow green leaves and small tufted cream flower plumes in late summer. The rounded clump is excellent for tight spaces, containers or rock garden plantings.

Chocolate Drop Sedum
Chocolate Drop Sedum

Upright mounds of lightly scalloped, dark chocolate brown leaves make a great addition to the garden. Soft rose-colored flowers top and accent the foliage. Mix with gold’s and bronzes for an unforgettable effect. So round and chocolatey, you’ll want to eat them! Prefers full sun and average to dry, well-drained soil.

Dahlia Carolina
Dahlia Season

Dahlias generally bloom from midsummer to first frost, when many other plants are past their best. They range in color and even size, from giant 10-inch "dinnerplate" blooms to 2-inch lollipop-style pompons. Dahlias are a little like roses—most gardeners can’t grow just one. Once you grow a Dahlia, you’ll want more. And like roses, there are seemingly endless dahlias to keep a dahlia gardener happy. Growing them is remarkably easy. There’s probably no plant in the flower kingdom that gives the gardener more spectacular reward than the dahlia. If you’ve never grown a dahlia, it’s high time you did. Learn more…