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Hours & Directions

Swansons Nursery

9701 15th Ave. NW | Seattle, WA 98117
Phone: 206.782.2543 | Fax: 206.782.8942


Regular Hours: 9 am–6 pm daily
Closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years Day
EXTENDED HOURS—May 1–June 1: Open 9am–7pm

Holman Road, one of Seattle’s busiest arterials, is a frequently traveled route to Swansons Nursery. Soon it will be repaved from Greenwood Ave. N to NW 87th Street. Construction is scheduled to begin the week of April 14, 2014. Learn more about the Department of Transportation’s construction schedule and recommended alternate routes.

You can avoid construction on Holman Road while driving to Swansons by taking 8th Ave. NW, which passes under Holman Road. Turn west on NW 100th Street at the 4-way stop intersecting 8th Ave. NW. At top of the hill, turn left on 15th Ave. NW, and in a half block you’ll reach the entrance to Swansons Nursery.

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Directions from I-5

  • Take Exit 172 onto westbound N 85th St.
  • Drive 2 miles to 15th Ave NW, (past Walgreens on your right) & turn right.
  • Drive 2 blocks to stoplight with left turn lane.
  • Make an angled LEFT turn onto residential 15th Ave NW.
  • Continue four blocks on 15th Ave NW.
  • Swansons Nursery is located on the LEFT (west side).

Directions by Bus

View complete schedules for all bus routes that service Swansons Nursery at the following links: