Hours & Directions

Swansons Nursery

9701 15th Ave. NW | Seattle, WA 98117
Phone: 206.782.2543 | Fax: 206.782.8942

Open Daily: 9am–6pm
Closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years Day

Directions from I-5

  • Take Exit 172 onto westbound N 85th St.
  • Drive 2 miles to 15th Ave NW, (past Walgreens on your right) & turn right.
  • Drive 2 blocks to stoplight with left turn lane.
  • Make an angled LEFT turn onto residential 15th Ave NW.
  • Continue four blocks on 15th Ave NW.
  • Swansons Nursery is located on the LEFT (west side).

Directions by Bus

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