Plants & Plant Care

  • Hardy garden mums add a pop of color to your autumn garden.
  • Pheasant Tail Grass drapes over glowing Heuchera ‘Marmalade.’
  • ‘Red Dragon’ lace leaf Japanese maple displays dramatic scarlet foliage in the fall.
  • Vine-ripened pumpkins and squash are abundant as summer turns into autumn.
  • Aechmea ‘Primera’ boasts outrageous pink and purple flowers that make it a popular houseplant.
  • Red stigmas of the fall-blooming Crocus sativus are the source of saffron.
  • Rich burgundy and burnt orange accent this autumn container creation.


Whether you’re looking for tried and true favorites or rare and unusual plants, you’ll find an exuberant selection of quality plants for every season of the year at Swansons. We’re here to help you succeed by suggesting plants that are suitable for your individual situation. Just ask our personable and knowledgeable staff if you have any questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them.